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Streamline custom content production with step-by-step automations that save your team serious time and money.


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How Inkform Works

Define exactly how you want each step or section in a custom writing automation to work, then save and use it forever, giving you unprecedented control over custom content production at scale.

You Can’t Do This With ChatGPT...

Inkform gives you complete control over content production with customizable writing automations.

1. Automatically Write All Your Content

Create reusable, section-by-section writing templates that tell Inkform exactly what to write and how to write it. Optimize content production across your team.

2. Works For Any Type of Content Writing

Turn text or URLs into polished content in seconds. Shorten, lengthen, or paraphrase with a click of a button. Drag-and-drop, duplicate, delete—effortlessly.

3. Customize Your Brand Voice & Editorial

Working with a specific tone of voice? Have strict compliance requirements? Hate semicolons? Teach Inkform how to write exactly the way you want it to.

Put Your Writing on Autopilot

Inkform was built to solve real problems for Tailored Ink’s clients, so it comes with a library of pre-built writing automations for different types of content. Feel free to try them out or make them your own.

Multi-Section Newsletters

Write Morning-Brew or Substack-like newsletters with a flexible, section-by-section newsletter writer that opens URLs and drafts top-to-bottom issues in seconds.

Personalized Sales Emails

Build and use drip sequences for whatever products, services, or targets you have in mind. Define your ideal customer profiles and personalize emails for all of them.

SEO Content Hubs

What used to take years can now be drafted in a few hours. From outlining, drafting, sourcing, and compliance, build out best-in-class SEO content hubs. 

Multichannel Ads & Social

Generate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads or social posts with a single input while following best practices for each platform.

Websites & Landing Pages

Whether you’re rewriting web copy, building a new site from scratch, or putting together a landing page, easily auto-draft new boilerplate copy and core messaging.

Case Studies & Sales Collateral

Interview your clients? Build a case study, brochure, or one-pager template you can re-use after interviews to generate new web copy and sales collateral.

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Inkform was started by the co-founders of Tailored Ink, an enterprise-level agency that works with Fortune 500s, corporations, and VC-funded startups.

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