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Our flexible, section-by-section newsletter writing platform lets you save custom workflows and draft top-to-bottom newsletter issues in seconds with AI.

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How Inkform Works

Define exactly how you want each step or section in a custom newsletter writing automation to work, then save and use it forever, giving you unprecedented control over custom content production at scale.

1. Automatically Write Your Newsletters

Create reusable, section-by-section newsletter writing templates that tell Inkform exactly what to write and how to write it. Optimize production across your team.

2. Works For Any Type of Content Writing

Turn text or URLs into polished stories in seconds. Shorten, lengthen, or paraphrase with a click of a button. Drag-and-drop, duplicate, delete—effortlessly.

3. Customize Your Brand Voice & Editorial

Working with a specific tone of voice? Have strict compliance requirements? Hate semicolons? Teach Inkform how to write exactly the way you want it to.

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Built by Actual Newsletter Writers...

Tailored Ink was writing for national newsletters way before ChatGPT. That’s why we built Inkform—to write top-to-bottom newsletters 40x faster for our clients.

We built Inkform from the ground up for newsletter operators , writers, and agencies to streamline work and accelerate every part of the newsletter writing process.

We Practice What We Preach

Some of the biggest national newsletters use Inkform daily, with open rates >50% and CTRs > 5%.

More Reliable Than The Competition

Inkform automates 90% of your newsletter writing, getting you to the finish line up to 40x faster.

Best Solution in The Business

We couldn’t find a tool we liked, so we built it. Inkform is the best-in-class toolkit for newsletter writers.

What Else Can You Write?

While Inkform was built for newsletter writing, it can do a whole lot more. Build your own writing automations for drip email campaigns, multichannel ads and social, or even websites, landing pages, and case studies:

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