Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Check out our Resources page to see how to start using Inkform to write your newsletters.

There’s also a self-guided product tour in the platform after you log in to

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us directly at

We value every single one of our users, so we’d love to hear your thoughts. Just fill out this feedback form.

After generating a draft in the AI Writer tab, you can edit the same way you would in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Grammarly browser extensions will also work.

To make things even easier for our users, we included Paraphrase, Shorten, and Lengthen buttons. Just highlight the text you want to edit, and click on the corresponding button to automatically rewrite that section.

Finally, you can create your own Writing Rules for specific tones of voice or compliance and apply them to any highlighted text in the AI Writer tab.

You can duplicate any writing template in the My Templates tab and change the duplicate however you want (assuming you haven’t hit your limit for custom writing templates based on your chosen subscription tier).

Note: You can’t delete or save changes to any of the pre-built Example Templates, so you have to make copies of those if you want to make them your own.

Oh yeah it does. In fact, we originally built Inkform for Tailored Ink’s clients.

If you’re interested in an enterprise engagement that involves custom development or managed, ‘done-for-you’ services, just reach out to and let us know what you’re looking for.

For transparency, there is a 1-to-1 relationship between OpenAI tokens and Inkform credits. In other words:

1 Inkmail credit = 1 OpenAI token

Unlike other AI writing platforms with a lot of smaller writing ‘widgets’ (a mile wide and an inch deep), Inkform was built from the ground up by professional writers to give you complete control over your drafts.

You can use Inkform to automate any custom writing workflow, no matter how complex. Look at our different Use Cases to see if Inkform makes sense for your needs.